The Real Difference Between Lamb and Mutton

Indiana Farm-to-Table Lamb Meat 317-397-0042

Indiana Farm-to-Table Lamb Meat 317-397-0042

People have heard the terms, they may have even used them from time to time, but many are confused about the actual meanings. Lamb, mutton, and even the term hogget, are all used interchangeably, which is incorrect. That is because there are major differences between lamb meat and mutton meat, as well as hogget. Continue reading to clear up any confusion you have about these important lamb terms.

Lamb Meat

Lambs are young, domestic sheep. That means lamb is the meat of a young sheep. However, the age of the lamb will differentiate it from hogget, and furthermore, mutton. A sheep under one year of age is considered a lamb, but meat from lambs under one year of age is not always lamb meat. When a lamb is still under two years of age, they are not yet a full-grown adult, so the meat of the animal is referred to as hogget. This term is rare in the United States, and is more common in Commonwealth countries. Finally, when a lamb has crossed their 2-year birthday, they enter adulthood, making their meat mutton.

Lamb – a baby sheep, under one year of age. When the meat is processed early on, between 4 and 5 months, it is a tender lamb meat that is lighter in color and retains a true lamb meat flavor. When lambs are processed after that time, their meat takes on different characteristics.

Hogget – A juvenile lamb that is older than 5 months, but younger than 2 years old will produce a darker, gamier flavor of meat commonly referred to as hogget. In the U.S., this meat is simple called mutton or lamb.

Mutton – The meat of an adult sheep, age 2 years and older, is called mutton. It is a darker meat, less tender than lamb, and retains a gamier flavor. In South Asia, mutton is also used to describe goat’s meat.

Buy Fresh Lamb Meat in Indiana

Farm-to-Table Foods

Indiana Farm-to-Table Lamb Meat 317-397-0042

Call Viking Lamb LLC at 317-397-0042 to procure fresh, farm-to-table lamb meat in Indiana. Our lambs are locally-born and raised right here on our farm, so you can trust the freshness and authenticity of our meat products. We offer a wide selection of lamb cuts, including whole lambs, half lambs, quarter lambs, lamb chops, summer sausages, and much more. Call 317-397-0042 for purchasing and shipment information, today.

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Lamb Meat Nutrition Facts

Indiana Farm-to-Table Lamb Meat 317-397-0042

Indiana Farm-to-Table Lamb Meat 317-397-0042

If you have ever tasted lamb, you know it is a delicious red meat that is loaded with flavor. But it is also nutrient-rich, providing a wide source of essential vitamins and minerals, including B12, selenium (Se), and zinc (Zn). And since lamb meat is an all-natural, organic, and hormone-free food, you can feel great about making a healthy and responsible meal choice. If you are looking for a new healthy addition to your restaurant menu or weekly family dinners, lamb meat is a perfect choice for flavor, quality, and nutrition! Continue reading to learn more facts about lamb meat and nutrition, and consider it for your next family dinner. Just be sure to always choose locally-raised and processed lamb meat!

Basic Numerical Nutrition

3 Ounces of Boneless Cooked Lamb Meat:

Calories = 248
Calories From Fat = 159
Fat = 17.66 grams – 27{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968}*
Saturated Fat = 7.447 grams – 37{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968}*
Polyunsaturated Fat = 1.274 grams
Monounsaturated Fat = 7.439 grams
Protein = 20.68 grams
Carbohydrates = 0 grams
Cholesterol = 82 milligrams – 27{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968}*
Sodium = 335 milligrams – 14{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968}*
Fiber = 0
Sugar = 0
Vitamin A = 0{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968}*
Vitamin C = 0{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968}*
Calcium = 1{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968}*
Iron = 9{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968}*

CALORIC ANALYSIS = 66{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968} FAT and 34{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968} PROTEIN

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Daily values may be higher or lower depending on your individual caloric needs. SOURCE:

Additional Lamb Meat Facts

🍖 The Food and Drug Administration declares that a 3 ounce portion of cooked lamb meat meets the requirements for lean meat. That is because it has less than 10 grams of fat and less saturated fats and cholesterol.

🍖 In lean cuts of lamb, 40{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968} of the fat is monounsaturated, which interestingly enough, is the same type of fat in olive oil.

🍖 A mere 3 ounces of lamb meat is enough to provide 5 times the omega-3 fatty acids and alpha linoleic acid in an equal portion of beef. In fact, this portion of lamb meets the daily fact and cholesterol recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

🍖 Eating 3 ounces of lean meat a day can reduce overeating and provide longer periods of felling full, which assists greatly with weight loss plans.

Indiana Lamb Meat

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

Call Viking Lamb LLC at 317-397-0042 to buy fresh, farm-to-table lamb meat that has been locally-raised and processed right here in Central Indiana. Our flocks are fed an organic diet of grain feed, pasture grass, and spring water, and then finished on corn to enhance the flavor profile of the meat. And all of our lamb meat comes in various cuts, including custom-requests, and is USDA inspected and certified, state certified, and entirely hormone and antibiotic-free! Call 317-397-0042 to request an estimate or to place an order for fresh lamb meat, today.

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The Benefits of Farm-to-Table Cuisine

Indiana Farm-to-Table Lamb Meat 317-397-0042

Indiana Farm-to-Table Lamb Meat 317-397-0042

Have you ever noticed that fruit picked straight from the vine is more delectable than the fruit you pick up at the grocery store? Or that farmers’ markets seem to always have the best meats and produce? It’s because local foods are just plain better. They don’t travel as far, so they maintain their level of freshness and quality.

But aside from taste, there are several other benefits of farm-to-table eating. These benefits are the reasons why farm-to-table cuisine is becoming an increasingly popular trend all across the country! And you too can join in on the movement in your hometown! Continue reading to learn the top 5 benefits of eating farm-to-table foods, and where to find quality farm products near you.

Top 5 Farm-to-Table Benefits:

It’s Healthy for You

Local food is healthier because it doesn’t travel for miles and miles before arriving at its retail destination and it is free of preservative chemicals. When it comes to just produce, local yields are not picked early and left to ripen during its transit. So the fresher it is, the more nutritious. And fruits and vegetables that are picked right before consumption retain the highest amount of nutrients and vitamins.

It’s Good for the Environment

Since there is very little transit involved in distributing local foods, farm-to-table cuisine is also good for the environment because it requires less fuel to get the job done. This means less invasive mining for natural resources and less harmful emissions, making it a sustainable practice.

It Benefits Local Economies and Farmers

When foods are outsourced from other cities and states, it doesn’t help out the local economies at all. Farm-to-table cuisine supports the local economy and gives vendors and farmers the business they need to thrive. At the same time, it keeps the cost of produce and meat down.

It Supports Animal Welfare

Big, profit-driven companies are known to use inhumane methods of animal management. Independent local farms have smaller operations. Not only do they have the time to pay close attention to their animals, they are naturally committed to the upmost standards of animal welfare and use a concentrated approach to manage their livestock. And healthier happier animals makes for better-tasting cuisine.

It Improves Restaurant and Retailer Business

Since the demand for farm-to-table foods is increasing, restaurants and retailers benefit from more business if they have local products on their menus. And because local is cheaper, it also keeps overhead costs down. The trend is even starting to spread to farm-to-cafeteria and farm-to-school cuisines!

Finding Farm-to-Table Foods Near You

Whether you are looking for fresh local produce or meat, Indiana has the resources you need. You can research local farmers’ markets, look for restaurants and grocers that offer farm-to-table foods., or ask around your community for recommendations. If you are a retailer looking to add a farm-to-table touch to your menu or inventory, contact a local farm directly for the best deals.

Local Indiana Lamb Meat

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

Call Viking Lamb LLC at 317-397-0042 to buy fresh, local lamb meat straight from our farm, right here in Morristown, Indiana. We are a family owned and operated lamb meat farm that provides a wide range of fresh lamb meats and lamb meat products.

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Viking Lamb Meat Launches a Brand New Website!

Viking Lamb LLC has officially launched their new and improved lamb meat website!

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

Check out our informative, easy-to-navigate website for information and advice about farm-to-table lamb meat for Indianapolis and Central Indiana! Viking Lamb LLC is a locally owned and operated family farm that specializes in fresh, farm-to-table lamb meat and lamb meat products. You can view our Lamb Meats page to take a look at all the Cuts of Lamb we offer!

Choose from a wide inventory of lamb, both bone-in and bone-out, ranging in everything from lamb shoulders, steaks, and shanks, to chops, brats, summer sausages, and more! You can even order whole lambs, half lambs, quarter lambs, legs, knuckles, bellies, French racks, and ribs! But it doesn’t stop there; you can also purchase prepared lamb meat, including ground, minced, chopped, pattied, and more!

Our Grass and Grain-Fed Lamb Meat is 100{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968} Growth Hormone & Stimulant-FREE!

When you visit their brand-new website, you will get the information you are looking for right away! You will also find fun and informative pages that give you a first-hand look at our farming operation and sales process. Check out our FAQS page for answers to frequently asked questions about lamb meat. Did you know that May 7th is National Leg of Lamb Day? It’s true!

And on our How to Buy page, you will find all the Indiana wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, and stores we provide our fresh and flavorful lamb meat products to. You can either order our lamb meat for personal use, or make it a part of your “farmers” market, bar, pub, restaurant, hotel, or butcher shop!

Learn More About Us!

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

When you visit our brand new lamb meat website, be sure you don’t miss out on Our Story! You will learn how we started and came to be one of Indiana’s leading distributors for grass and grain-fed lamb meat! You will also discover how we make sure our products are the freshest and most flavorful around!

Feel free to go to our Contact Us page and send in an email with any inquiries or questions you have about our company. You can contact our office directly at 317-537-1099 during regular business hours for free estimates or information about our farm-to-table lamb meat products, prices, and availability.

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