Viking Lamb Meat Launches a Brand New Website!

Viking Lamb LLC has officially launched their new and improved lamb meat website!

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

Check out our informative, easy-to-navigate website for information and advice about farm-to-table lamb meat for Indianapolis and Central Indiana! Viking Lamb LLC is a locally owned and operated family farm that specializes in fresh, farm-to-table lamb meat and lamb meat products. You can view our Lamb Meats page to take a look at all the Cuts of Lamb we offer!

Choose from a wide inventory of lamb, both bone-in and bone-out, ranging in everything from lamb shoulders, steaks, and shanks, to chops, brats, summer sausages, and more! You can even order whole lambs, half lambs, quarter lambs, legs, knuckles, bellies, French racks, and ribs! But it doesn’t stop there; you can also purchase prepared lamb meat, including ground, minced, chopped, pattied, and more!

Our Grass and Grain-Fed Lamb Meat is 100{c1f0100cd24604acc4fe6f71dccfcd6b454bc8904bf5da20b10ba44bc02cc968} Growth Hormone & Stimulant-FREE!

When you visit their brand-new website, you will get the information you are looking for right away! You will also find fun and informative pages that give you a first-hand look at our farming operation and sales process. Check out our FAQS page for answers to frequently asked questions about lamb meat. Did you know that May 7th is National Leg of Lamb Day? It’s true!

And on our How to Buy page, you will find all the Indiana wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, and stores we provide our fresh and flavorful lamb meat products to. You can either order our lamb meat for personal use, or make it a part of your “farmers” market, bar, pub, restaurant, hotel, or butcher shop!

Learn More About Us!

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

Viking Lamb LLC 317-397-0042

When you visit our brand new lamb meat website, be sure you don’t miss out on Our Story! You will learn how we started and came to be one of Indiana’s leading distributors for grass and grain-fed lamb meat! You will also discover how we make sure our products are the freshest and most flavorful around!

Feel free to go to our Contact Us page and send in an email with any inquiries or questions you have about our company. You can contact our office directly at 317-537-1099 during regular business hours for free estimates or information about our farm-to-table lamb meat products, prices, and availability.

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