Fresh Local Lamb Meat
Here at Viking Lamb LLC, our top priority is to provide our clients with great-tasting, healthy lamb, year-round. We do this by raising our lambs locally, on a 50+ acre tract of land abundant with green pastures of grass. As experienced lamb farmers, we know that it is impossible to maintain high-quality lambs on just pasture-feed alone. That is why our lambs are fed an organic diet of grain feed, pasture grass, and spring water, and finished with a diet of corn to bring out the best quality flavor. We also ensure that our lamb meats are “true to taste” by processing them early on, between 4 and 5 months. Early processing renders the meat lighter in color, and gives it a tenderer, sweeter flavor. Lamb processed at an older age is classified as mutton, which has a tougher texture and gamey flavor.
High-Quality, Grass & Grain-Fed Lamb Meat
No Antibiotics or Added Hormones!
Our fresh, grass and grain-fed lamb meat is, *antibiotic-free, USDA inspected and certified, and comes in a variety of cuts, from ground lamb and lamb patties, to whole lambs, halved lambs, legs of lamb, boneless shoulders, French racks, and more! We accept all forms of payment, including cash, major credit cards, invoicing, and personal checks. And since we offer custom orders, bulk orders, reoccurring orders, and shipping, we make the purchasing process convenient and hassle-free! You can also taste-test our lamb in several popular Indiana restaurants! Take a look at some of our most popular cuts of lamb we offer year-round. Or call us directly at 317-397-0042 to speak with a friendly staff member about our lamb products and availability.
*Our lambs are only given antibiotics in emergency situations to prevent death. In the rare case that we do this, we wait 60 days for the medicine to pass. This ensures that all antibodies are removed from the lamb’s system.
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