Our Story
Viking Lamb LLC is owned and operated by the Knudson family, Terry, Jane, Conner, and Hunter. Our story begins a long time ago with a little lamb who had a badly broken leg...

Years ago, Terry went to visit his parents in Minnesota, and upon his return, brought with him a 2-day old lamb with a badly broken leg. Although this tiny little lamb’s survival seemed bleak, she somehow survived and came to be known as Leslie. Leslie the Lamb had a little box in the kitchen all to herself, but quickly outgrew it. So we moved Leslie to a more spacious area inside a detached garage on the property. After months of feeding Leslie, we realized it would be just as easy to feed 10 lambs as it is feeding one. So in the fall of 1997, our family bought 10 more ewe lambs!

From there, we continued to raise our lambs in that small detached garage on our property, until one day we came to the realization that something had to change in terms of space. We knew we had to either sell our flock or build a bigger barn. So of course we chose to build a bigger barn! We purchased an incredible 7 acre piece of land that wasn’t even for sale at the time. But after a significant amount of research and persistence, we finally acquired the land and built us a 40’ x 60’ pole barn.

Slowly but surely, a sheep operation was born, along with a solid business model surrounding show lambs, breeding stock, and lamb meat. And in the year 2001, Viking Lamb LLC was officially established! This happened to also coincide with the first direct sales of processed lamb to restaurants. It actually seemed to have happened out of necessity, considering that very same year the traditional lamb market was weak and nowhere near where should have been. This void was actually the catalyst that drove us into the farm-to-table trend that is so widely popular today!