Our Farm
Our family owned and operated farm is built on a 50-plus acre tract of land located in Morristown, Indiana, and produces more than 1200 lambs each year with a breeding flock of over 700 dams and sires. With over 30 acres of green pasture for our lambs to feed on, and professionally-crafted barns, stables, and stalls on-site, you can easily see that we are an expert sheep farming operation that truly cares about quality and value. Call us today at 812-871-5700 if you would like to learn more about our farm, our rates, and our cuts of lamb, today. In the meantime, check out the timeline below for a closer look at our family farm’s history!
We purchased the original piece of land in Morristown, Indiana.
We added 7 acres of land to the east and north of our original property, and built our first 40’ x 60’ pole barn.
We purchased an additional 40 acres of land to the east of the farm and built our main lambing barn on it.
We purchased and added 5 and a half more acres of land to the north of the farm.
We added several more barns, stables, and stalls to meet the demand of our sheep operation.
Completed our best year ever, shipping products to over 35 states across the country!