Meet the Team at Viking Lamb LLC
Terry Knudson
Terry Knudson is a proud 3rd generation farmer dedicated to old-fashioned values of quality and integrity. His family started in the wild hog business, exporting high-quality pork to Japan and Argentina. In fact, in 1986 he won the Hogs High Individual at the North American National Livestock Expo (NAILE). He later went on to graduate from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, and then spent 2 years as a 4H Minnesota livestock contest judge with a focus on live animal selection and evaluation. He has been officially raising lambs since 1997. Check out Our Story for details of how Terry came to be a dedicated lamb farmer!
Dave Demniak
Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Dave Demniak is our Eastern regional sales manager. He is in charge of all customer relations and sales of corporate accounts, including restaurants, retailers, and more. He cares about ultimate customer satisfaction, and takes great pride in selling our healthy, premium lamb meat, locally born and raised right here in Indiana
The Knudson Family
Terry, Jane, Conner, and Hunter
Many members of the immediate and extended Knudson family have contributed to our operation and success. They have played an integral part in supporting our company creed, encouraging our ambition, and promoting our growth. And they all have our deepest gratitude. Without family, where would any of us be?